Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

22 23

Forrestfield Primary School is a proud member of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. The whole school community is involved in the preparation, caring, harvesting and sharing of farm produce.

It is a project that has healthy living and ecological sustainability at its core.

The aim of our Garden is pleasurable food education for young children. It is also an important part of our Pastoral Care program. The Garden has enabled us to embrace a more holistic educative approach across the curriculum. Kitchen Gardens provide the opportunity for children to connect with and learn about the natural world. The Garden also allows children to see practical applications of sustainable practices in terms of soil, plant and water conservation.

Our garden and cooking programs, breakfast club and focus on sustainability underpin the cultural changes we are implementing at our school. The programs can make a significant difference in the lives of children who are socially, educationally and emotionally at risk. If we are to equip our students with the skills to positively contribute to the local community and society in general in the future we need to act now.

Our programs support students’ learning, help them make connections with the real world and  help build sustainable patterns of living as future members of local, national and global communities.